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Architectronix, Inc. is a full service Architectural Services company. Located in Southern California’s Orange County, Architectronix, Inc. has been providing professional services since 1986. Since the inception of the Company, the founder and president John M. Rix has grown to multiple State licenses through the NCARB National Council of Architectural Registration Board and work across the nation and International work. With the roots of design in Hospitality, serving customers to the highest degree possible is paramount to the philosophy of Company. Architectronix prides itself on high quality architectural design and production of construction documents through the project delivery process.

Within the Commercial / Hospitality world include years of service to many name brands such as Denny’s, Yum Brands which owns Taco Bell, KFC, A&W, and Long John Silver, Spectrum Restaurant Group’s Prego Ristorante, Stuart Anderson’s Black Angus, Spoon’s Restaurant, Lonestar Steakhouse, Roadhouse Grill, Panera Bread and many more. Architectronix works with select industry consultants for food service engineering and has been doing so for over 25 years. Architectronix knowledge of hospitality design is excellent and customers draw upon this experience for well coordinated services.

Architectronix medical group provides Architectural Design services from Conceptual Design thru Construction Observation for our clients. We involve our clients in the design process which enhances the personality of the client into built environment for better patient well being and care. Because it is all about the patient, the environment that is built has a direct impact on how well the patient and the staff works together. This design flow is also a very important component as part of the project delivery process. Working with the governing agencies and the construction contractor is integral to the process as well for Architectronix. We provide these services so that our clients can think the more important items like their patients.

Architectronix, Inc. offers a wide range of Medical, Retail, Hospitality, Commerical, and Food Service architectural design services. Our modern computer equipment automates the art of design and assists to provide a cohesive design and construction document package.

We have been serving the Retail and Hospitality industry in Southern California for over fifteen years. Our clients include some of the largest national retail and restaurant chains including J.Baker, Super Crown Bookstores, Lucky’s Supermarkets, Pier 1 Imports, Denny’s, Outback Steakhouses and Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. With over 900 projects completed, from large to small, Architectronix has the ability to provide you with strong retail and restaurant experience.

All of our team members take pride in the effort that is put forth in every project. No matter how large or small the scope of work, our clients receive the highest level of service. We know that excellent service is key to developing a long and amicable relationship with our clients.

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